Panther Athletics Council

Bill Elliott Awardee, Nhean Marquez at Scholar Athlete Dinner. L-R: Sonja Lolland, Nhean Marquez, Jamie Pedroza and Daniel Teresa.
Bill Elliott Awardee, Nhean Marquez at Scholar Athlete Dinner. L-R: Sonja Lolland, Nhean Marquez, Jamie Pedroza and Daniel Teresa.

Vision and Mission

The Hartnell College Panther Athletics Council will provide community support to the Athletic Department of Hartnell College. Athletics provide students the opportunity to learn skills outside of the classroom necessary to be successful in life such as discipline, integrity, teamwork, commitment, perseverance and dedication. Athletics play a vital role strengthening our community and the council will ensure its relevance into the future.

The mission of the Hartnell College Panther Athletics Council is to seek and create material, financial, and community support for Hartnell College Athletics Programs. Athletics transforms lives and the council will support our students and the community at large so that they have the necessary tools to compete, learn, and excel.

Function of the Council
The function of the Council is to provide support to the program in a variety of areas, including but not limited to:

  • In coordination with staff, develop community engagement strategy and participate in their development
  • Serving as ambassadors for Hartnell Athletics
  • With staff input, reviewing the Athletics Departments needs for private funding to further enable their success
  • Attracting and increasing private and public funding


Structure of Council
The council will have 10 or more community members and receive staff support from the college, including Athletics Department staff and Office of Advancement/Foundation staff. College faculty and staff will serve as resource persons and participate as ex-officio members of the committee.

Council Membership
A qualified individual for Council membership will be an advocate for athletics, and have the time, interest and enthusiasm necessary to provide support to Hartnell College Athletics. A qualified member will be able to assist in one or more of the following areas including financial support, development of strategic relationships and the ability to offer constructive recommendations to college staff. The member’s role will be realized through active support in attending council meetings regularly, organizing and participating in program funding activities, and providing advice, from the community’s perspective, to administration regarding the program.

Council Members Expectations

All Council Members are expected to attend council meetings, to participate in Council activities and to make an annual contribution at a level significant to their own personal circumstance.

Meeting Frequency
The Panther Athletics Council will meet quarterly. The college staff will be responsible for distributing the annual meeting schedule, notices, meeting notes for each meeting, and follow up tasks. They will also prepare meeting agendas in consultation with the chairperson. Please contact Aranyani Azevedo for more information (831)755-6810.